Astrological event november 12 2019

Colour red.

  1. Every Important Astrological Event and Date You Need to Know in 12222.
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  3. Mark Your Calendar For These Astrological Events.

Deep feelings and goals are highlighted as you list priorities and values. Let go the past and take a quantum leap into the new current for the future or it may just pass you by. New dimensions are waiting to be discovered in creativity and relationships. Lucky number 5. Colour saffron.

What will happen on 25th December 2019? - 6 planets in Sagittarius (Caution!)

You complete an important assignment and can look forward to more opportunities and expansion. Beware of theft or deception as an unknown person invades your space or privacy. Be expansive and share your wisdom, experience, feelings and expertise with others.

Colour pink. Finances need to be managed at work and budgets stuck to at home or you can lose perspective and find your resources depleted. There is no need to compare yourself with others but flow in your own special way and make sure to fulfill your own potential. Colour white. There is joy and perfect harmony in relationships today! Children demand time and also bring great joy.

The Arts and the finer points of life are engaging. You can be pedantic about details at the expense of larger issues. Listen to your heart for the right answers!

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Lucky number 2. Your heart gives you the best answers and your intuition reveals insights.

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Disruption in the work area is temporary and should be taken in your stride. Beware of idle chatter and gossip in the work area. Be light, playful and in touch with your sense of humour. Lucky number Colour blue. Being able to make a few changes with a flexible approach wins you friends and professional opportunities. You are creative and aesthetic with an ability to transform people, situations and ambiance. Personal relationships need to be handled with loving care.

Lucky number 8. You may not fit into norms displaying complete freedom from restrictions imposed by traditional ideas and people. You may share a special and mystical relationship with a soul mate. You gain from a simple and human approach to complex problems and conflicts.

November 12, 12222 United States Holidays & Popular Observances

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Airdrie Observatory Open Evening - 12th November - Go Stargazing

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Mercury in retrograde 12222 – when does it happen and what does the astrological event mean?

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